Sunday , 25 January 2015
  • FABA Seminar Tuesday, February 10 – What does a website need in terms of content and style to help you market your business?

  • From cultural development in Bolivia to affordable housing in Charlottesville, social entrepreneur Peter McFarren aims to make a difference.

  • UVA business professor Greg Fairchild has a question: why don't we see more minority participation in investment and innovation?

  • 5 Ways to Prevent Downward Spiral Thinking. Don't get caught up in “what’s wrong” and “why it’s wrong.” Get unstuck from your downward spiral.

  • FABA 2015 Events Preview: FABA will present workshops led by local experts, informal networking Meetups, and our Signature Networking Events.

  • Anyone For a Cuba Libre? In December of 2014, the US moved to normalize Cuba relations.

  • Book Review: 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself. This book is full of simple tools you can use right away to achieve your goals in 2015.

  • Forward/Adelante Magazine is on newsstands throughout Central Virginia! Pick up your copy today.

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F/A bridges the gap of language and culture to enable Spanish-speaking businesses to communicate with and access the services and information offered by their English-speaking and more established counterpart. We encourage a two-way relationship between both parties by creating multi-faceted tools for reaching out, including our signature networking events, monthly e-Journal, online social media presence, active participation with Chambers of Commerce, and our bilingual print journal.

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