Monday , 22 December 2014
  • Forward/Adelante Magazine is on newsstands throughout Central Virginia! Pick up your copy today.

  • An Underpass to Nowhere? A controversial underpass is being planned for the intersection of Route 29 and Rio Road, at an anticipated cost of $84 million.

  • Feeding Nostalgia: The Allure of the Latino Market. Latino stores serve as meeting centers for friends, relatives, and countrymen, all of whom have come to experience the scents and tastes of home.

  • Latino and Migrant Aid (LAMA) connects UVA students with migrant workers and Hispanic families for English language tutoring.

  • ¿Un Paso a Desnivel Hacia la Nada? Hay un proyecto el cual es ampliamente controvertido, específicamente la construccion de una paso a desnivel para la Ruta 29 por debajo de Rio Road.

  • Alimentando la Nostalgia. El Encanto de la Tienda Latina.

  • Building a Culture of Success: At Marketing to Diversity 2014, great food and wine set the tone for a special evening of making new connections.

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F/A bridges the gap of language and culture to enable Spanish-speaking businesses to communicate with and access the services and information offered by their English-speaking and more established counterpart. We encourage a two-way relationship between both parties by creating multi-faceted tools for reaching out, including our signature networking events, monthly e-Journal, online social media presence, active participation with Chambers of Commerce, and our bilingual print journal.

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