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Editorial Team

Olga Morse – Publisher

Olga MorseOlga moved to the United States from Puerto Rico at age 27. She remembers how hard it was to learn English while trying to adapt to a completely new culture. The challenge of her experience increased when she found herself raising three children on her own. Through this process, Olga learned what real determination was all about and began to understand why some people will sacrifice so much in order to pursue a bigger dream or way of life.

Fourteen years after her arrival in the US, Olga earned her degree with double concentrations in Spanish and Education. From 1996 to 1999 she taught Spanish at Albemarle High School, reinforcing her ties to the growing Hispanic population. Seeing the local real estate industry struggle to represent the Latino market, Olga acquired her Real Estate license. In 2000, she began guiding Spanish speakers through the complicated process of buying a home.

Today, Olga is well known throughout the community of Latino residents and minority business owners. She has mentored and offered her services to many people through her positions as a teacher, real estate broker, public notary, translator, and finally as publisher of Forward/Adelante – Virginia’s first bilingual business journal.

Olga has successfully transferred her personal goodwill to the organization she founded and it is no surprise that Forward/Adelante audiences have goals that mirror those of the sponsors we seek and represent: to reach a growing, diverse market. With the support of the community, Olga launched Forward/Adelante, LLC in July 2008.

From its inception, Forward/Adelante set out to encourage all Virginians to focus on the wonderful contributions being made by our newest residents to our dynamic business environment, while seeking the security and the freedom to pursue the unlimited opportunities in the areas of trade, education, professions, and the arts.

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Don Morse – Editor in Chief

Don Morse Don is the Forward/Adelante’s Editor In Chief, a role he has gladly taken up due to his love of the English and Spanish languages, as well as his expert eye for proper grammar. Don is also the Founder and Principal Broker of The Land Store, LTD. In addition to being a broker, Don has also received the Virginia Land Specialist designation.

Don has presented several land-oriented seminars to his colleagues primarily in the Central Virginia area and is widely recognized amongst his colleagues as a dedicated and knowledgeable specialist in the marketing and sale of land. He has participated in the sale and or listing of over $150 million worth of land in the greater Charlottesville area.


Ivo Tomasini

Ivo Tomasini Ivo is the Marketing Director for Forward/Adelante. A company he helped jump start with Olga Morse. Ivo is also the Founder of 57interest, a Web & design company headquartered in New York. He has managed many web projects from inception to completion throughout New York, Virginia and Florida.

Ivo’s expertise is based in Copy Writing, Search Engine Optimization, Organic Search Engine Marketing, and Project Management. In July of 2008, he partnered to launch Forward/Adelante.

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